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Why Should Foundation Cracks Be Fixed Before Selling?

Selling your house? Do you have foundation cracks? Repair it before you list it! Why? People will see it and run because they want nothing to do with a house that has a cracked foundation. Even if the potential buyers overlook the crack, or are not concerned, the crack may get flagged by the home inspector. After the home inspection, a home loan appraiser will be visiting the house, if the crack has not been fixed, they will likely note the crack on their report to the underwriter. The underwriter might require a structural engineer to review it. A structural engineer can cost just as much, if not more than the crack repair itself. Ultimately, if the crack was repaired before listing the house it would have saved time and money for everyone involved. #foundationrepair #quadcities #davenportiowa #basementwaterproofing #concrete #egresswindows #retainingwalls #lawndrainage

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