• Egress Windows

    How can Egress Windows help your home?

    What is an Egress Window?

    Windows installed below ground level to basements bring in natural light and satisfies building code requirements for a basement bedroom, adding value to your home.

    An egress window allows air and light to access to your basement, this helps fight humidity and moisture. Benefits of egress windows:
    1. Safety - Egress windows provide an escape route in case of an emergency, such as a fire.
    2. Space - Egress windows allow your basement to be another area of living space.
    3. Value - Egress windows add value to homes due to safety features and adding another habitable level to your home.
    4. Comfort - Egress windows make your basement livable by adding natural light and air flow.

    Requirements for Installation

    An egress window is below ground, if the ground is not supported, it will eventually collapse onto your window. Therefore, the well, a half-circle or rectangle shaped shield, is installed to support the surrounding ground and block debris and moisture from reaching the basement window.

    When installing Egress Windows, certain codes and regulations must be followed. You can trust Behncke Construction to pull the appropriate permits and have your window installed quickly and efficiently. When installing egress windows homeowners should beware of heavy equipment near the foundation walls.

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