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Is the Water from the Bulkhead?

How to identify when basement water is from the bulkhead.

What are Cellar Hatch Doors?

Hatch doors are enclosed stairways that connect basements or cellars to the yard or exterior of a property. They are typically made out of concrete or stone with concrete steps or metal steps bolted to the foundation. If the steps are metal and rusted, it will be best to just replace the steps entirely.

Ways to prevent your bulkhead from leaking:

  • Remove the snow from the hatch 
  • Assess your hatch from inside your basement - if you can see light where the hatch meets the concrete, water can get in there, usually just needs caulking. 
  • If the doors are not lined up properly, adjust them so they can close tight. 
  • If you find that it is leaking near the bottom of the steps - We would inject closed cell polymer material that will seal the seam, or break the floor inside the basement and install water drainage system.
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