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Water Intrusion - Basement Waterproofing

What can you do to prevent water intrusion this spring?


- Take a look at the foundation that is above grade outside, check for cracks.
- Check your gutters, make sure they are clean and clear of debris. And make sure downspouts are installed correctly.
- Inside - look at walls, are there water lines? They will show where the water is
coming from.
- Look at the tie rods - they rust and allow water to get through
- Check the sewer cleanout and floor/wall seam.

Homeowner insurance does not usually cover basement flooding - pay attention to the signs and get an estimate to remediate water leaks... You can get an insurance on your sump pump, this will cover damages is it fails for whatever reason(add-on regular homeowners insurance).

Basement Flooding Alarms:
1. Put on the floor, from the hardware store, battery operated $10-20. When water touches it will make a noise. The drawback, you might not be home.
2. Some security alarm companies offer a basement flooding alarm along with their security alarms.

All else fails, call the professionals! Behncke Construction will be happy to help! 563-332-6045

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